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They walked into a Chamber that had dozens of torture tools, and syringes then he showed them his memories. They saw them as if they were happening right in front of them.
"This is where they tortured and experimented on me. They stopped it at the of the day everyday. For three of nine years I laid there each night aching in pain and Sorrow, praying for someone come and rescue me, for God to take me to heaven, each night the pain got worse. Then one day they just released the shackles and beat me to near Death, then one night, I just stopped praying and gave up an any hope that I would be rescued. One day, they stopped The Torture and Just injected Countless Chemicals into my blood stream, then, without even sedating me, they cut me open and drilled into my bones right down to the center and Injected the DNA of countless species of Mammal, and Reptile into the marrow of my bone it was excruciatingly painful. After that they Brutally well trained me in combat. With each passing moment I became more and more of a monster."
"By the Time my training was complete, I was a Black hearted, cruel murderer."
"Years later your mother was pregnant with you and your sister, Chase we were on our way to the hospital to give birth to you and your sister when she was shot in the head by Brent, though at the time I didn't know it was him."

"What? Then who did you think did it?" Chase asked.

"I thought it was a sharp shooter who called himself Marksman but his real name was Jay Marek, divorced wife, Deceased brother, had a son named Alex, I hunted him down and I put three arrows in his left paw, drove two swords through his chest, and put one bullet in his eye."

"When was that?" James asked.

"It was when I was starting my Years as the huntsman."

"Wait, you were the huntsman?" Melissa asked Shocked.

"Yes." He replied

"You massacred over half the criminals in Tokyo, you're a legend."

"The thing about legends is sometimes, their true."

"All the sorrow and grief I had that night was short, but the Rage was invigorating, it lasted over a period of four years."
"I was Consumed by Rage, Blinded by Hate, and driven by Vengeance."

"Time to show you the training room." Jason said escorting them to the training room.

"They pushed me beyond peak physical condition. a living weapon."
Every time he failed to complete a move with perfection, he was whipped, lacerated, beaten, and stabbed.
They even felt his pain, every moment of watching his father in despair was agony for Chase, every moment of watching her husband scream, cry, and bleed was emotional torture for Vic. He was covered in his own blood, you couldn't tell wether the red on him was furr or blood. When he got up, The floor drenched in his blood
"When I finally finished my training, I was introduced to Brent Michaels and Elena Krane the only other two Who survived the experiments."
"Then a few months later, we were introduced to Alexi Ivanovna, son of the infamous Gregor Ivanovna; head of the Bratva, this Wolf was even more dangerous than his father, he had a reputation for biting his victims on the wrist with his Cobra fangs."
"Five months later we were introduced to Alejandro Ramirez, King of the hackers."
"Then on one of our final missions, We met Sara White, A twenty year old Bunny, sweet and innocent, we were ordered to execute her, we refused, and made sure she was trained in Combat."
"It was Sara's compassion, and Kind Nature that brought me into the light, made me feel whole again, until She was Ripped from my life, It was a whole. seven years until I found You Vic, you Filled that heart shaped hole in me, made me feel whole, in more ways than one, you rescued me from a fate worse than Death, you saved me from giving into the Demon, helped me conquer my darkness, that night I fell in love with you, was the night I swore to protect you against my darkness, against my Demons."

"Who was Elena?" James asked.

"Elena was first one of us to rebel against Deathwatch."

"And for her betrayal, I had her Executed."
"I regret that to this day."

"How old was she when she was taken?" Melissa asked.

"She was eleven years old, a year older than Brent when he was Taken."
"We were all trained as living weapons." "But it was Our loved ones who brought us out of the Darkness, and into the light."

"We are so sorry that you had to endure that much pain before you found happiness." Vic said while Crying and holding her husband.

"It Gets worse."
"Not physically but, emotionally." He said taking them to the outside of the base.

There, he showed them the memories of all of his missions, first he showed them the combat missions.
On every mission he massacred Dozens of innocent and guilty people alike, he was merciless, remorseless, and had maximum casualties, all in the name of 'peace'. They watched in horror and sorrow as Jason slaughter Dozens of people.
"I am not proud of it, everyday I wish I could go back and correct those actions. Now I spend Every night trying to atone for my actions."

"You Disgrace him." A voice spoke from the darkness.

Everyone got into battle position.
"Come into the light." Jason spoke in a cool and calm voice.

The Archer stepped into the light.

"Master? What are you doing here?"

"Don't call me that, only Nathan had the right to call me that."

"It's me, Nate, I am Nate." Jason said calmly.

"Yeah, I'll believe that when I see your aim with that bow and arrow." He said bluntly.

"OK" Jason said before firing six arrows in rapid Succession at a tree.
Each arrow hit the exact same place as the previous one splitting all but one in half.
"Convinced now?" Jason asked.

"No, I still need to see your skill with single combat." The Archer said.

"Very well." He said handing his bow to Vic.
"Ready" he said

The archer dropped his bow and began his attack.
Each of the archer's strikes were blocked then, Jason used a series of Nerve attacks and paralyzed him then jabbed him in the abdomen.

"Those moves, only I could have taught you that." He said hugging his former apprentice.
"I thought you were dead." He said

"Well, I'm not." Jason said.

"Call me Strelka, It is Russian for Arrow." He said.

Then they all walked back to the ship and he said;
"Strelka do you want to come back with us?"

"Sure, it's been a while since I've been in America."

They were on their way back to Zootopia, Strelka was sitting in between Chase and Victoria. Then Vic asked him;
"So Did you really teach Jason How to wield a bow and arrow?"

"Yes, yes I did."

"So... What is your real name?" Chase asked.

"My name is Jackson Krade. And your name?"

"Chase Loxley, I'm your apprentice's son."

"Then he must have taught a great deal of fighting styles."

"He taught me a fair amount but, my true power lies within the his." He said igniting his paw on fire.

"Powers, impressive." He said.

The rest of the trip back was quiet.
When they arrived at the Den, they found Brent fighting against the rest of the team and he was winning then Vic engaged against him attempting to lacerate his arm, she succeeded but, he healed immediately and he proved that he could barely feel pain. Then Jason said to Jackson;
"EMP arrow, right arm, on my mark."

Jackson nodded and drew an EMP arrow from his quiver.

He whispered to Jackson;
"Three, two, one... Now!"

They fired EMP arrows at him and he dropped to the floor.

A few minutes later Jack was at a bar drinking; getting to know Jackson. Marian, Nick, and Judy we met out to chase another powered mammal.

"Looks like you will be rejoining the team, Brent." Vic said with a smirk.

"LET ME HAVE AT HIM, HE MURDERED MY MOTHER!!" Chase yelled with Talia holding him back.

"Like I said before, I was under mental influence." Brent said completely  unphased by Chase's threat.

"I'm sure you were." James said sarcastically before kicking him in the shin.

"Jason, you know as well as I do that Walker placed inhibitor chips in our brains, he used mine to control me and kill her, as soon as I regained consciousness I had Alejandro remove both his and mine. You didn't have one, your Brain was programed to control you, break your will, and use you to kill."
"I never meant for any of that to happen."
"Please, forgive me."

"Then why are you working with Abraxas?" Jason asked.

"Because they have my daughter, and if I don't cooperate, she dies."

"What is her name?" Jason asked.

"Her Name is Sandra, and she is my pride and joy but, now I fear for her life."
"Because now they will kill her anyway."
"So, what do you say, Friends?"

Then James whispered in Jason's ear;
"He's questionable but, I trust him, mostly."


"We will help you, but it will be a while before I trust you again."

Then Marian ran in with nick following closely and Marian yelled;
"Guys, Judy has been gravely injured, Jason we need your help!"

"How bad is it?" Jason asked, opening his spell book.
"Who did this?"

"It was the mammal we were chasing, he had concrete powers. He did this." Nick said.
"I tried to protect her but, I failed."

"Don't blame yourself, It was the criminal's fault, not yours." Marian said lovingly.

"Very very bad, deep claw marks all over her, several broken bones, six maybe seven concrete daggers in her legs."

"Take m-" Jason was interrupted.

"No, let me, I can heal her." Brent said.

"How?" Nick asked.

"It's a long story but, long story short; I have a healing factor that can be replicated. I can harvest a little bit of my DNA and turn it into a serum for Judy once in side her the serum will give her A healing factor and she will be saved."
"Only I can take on Jake Stone, but I will need backup. any volunteers?"

"I'll go with you." Nick said

"Me too." James said.

"Alright, first I will stop by the Hospital to give Judy the serum."

"Then, we make Jake pay." Nick said grabbing hold of Brent's paw.

James saw inside of Brent's mind and saw that he had no intention of betrayal.
Then he took hold of Brent's other paw.

Then Brent had already changed into his assassin gear. Then they teleported to Judy's room in the hospital. Then Brent Used his cybernetic arm to harvest his DNA and turn it into a serum.
"You are going to be OK Judy." Nick said as Brent injected the serum into Judy's blood stream. A few minutes Later, Judy's wounds healed and her bones repaired themselves.
"Now, to Jake." they teleported to an old abandoned warehouse and saw Jake. Then Nick and Brent yelled;
"You, Gonna Pay!" in unison

"Ah, been a while Brent." Jake said

"You are a disgrace." Brent sad in an ill tempered tone.

"How so?" Jake asked.

"You almost killed an innocent prey, that is against the code."

"Oh, well then by law you will have to execute me, so says the oath of the Creed."

"I get first cracks at him." Brent said clinching his metal fist, then he sped at Jake taking every concrete shard that was launched at him. Then he pinned him to the wall and ripped off Jake's right arm. Then he gripped Jake by the neck with his metal arm and squeezed just tight enough to incapacitate him.

"Feel free to kill him." Brent said.

Then James drew his katana and cut Jake's head clean off.

Then they Teleported to Judy and got her out of the hospital.

Meanwhile with Jack and Jackson...

"So... How long have you known Jason?" Jackson asked, taking a sip of Russian Vodka.

"Since we were kits. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious, it's not everyday you meet you apprentice's best friends." Jackson said, handing the vodka to the bar tender.

A few minutes later they stumbled upon Skye's grave and Jack knelt down and began to cry.
Then Jackson went to another Grave and knelt down, popped out one of his claws and cut himself on the chest.
When Jack saw him he got up and walked over to him and read the Names on the Gravestones.
"Ariana Krade; loving wife and mother." "Mark Krade; beloved Son."
"Raine Krade; loved daughter."

"My deepest sympathies for the loss of your family." Jack said, sympathetic with what Jackson was going through.

"They were all I had." Jackson said, crying.

"Would you like to join the team? Cause there we're all like one big happy family."

"would it be OK with Jason?"

"Yes, I believe it would be." Jack said.

Then they got to the Den and Jack said;
"Strelka is joining the team!" To Jason and Jason said;

"Alright, please Choose a new suit, codename, and emblem."

"OK" he said picking out a white and black trench coat with a short collar, a cloth muzzle mask, and goggles like the winter soldiers.
"As for my new codename I choose... NightStryke."
"My emblem will be a sniper target looking type one."

Then Brent, Nick, James, and Judy showed up and Brent asked Jason;
"Jason, please Show Judy my memories. All of them." Then Jason linked Judy's mind to Brent's mind and she saw his memories and said;
"We'll get her back. I promise."
Then they all went home to sleep Brent went to his old apartment. And Jackson went stay with Jack.
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