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New Heroes: Chapter Five
It had been four days since the attack in Sahara Square, four days since President Morgan issued the Zootopia quarantine, the people of Zootopia, trapped in a city dying from radiation, only the mammals with powers are immune to the radiation. Jason Loxley had lost everything that day, he had run out of things to live for. Today, On May 1st, 2033, Victoria Loxley is being. Buried, Jason arrived at the cemetery via wraith dash he walked over to where they were they had her coffin and picked it up and with the help of Chase, Brent, and Nick he carried it to the grave site, they gently placed her coffin over the ground and then Nick, Brent, and Jason went to their seats and Chase stood behind her coffin facing the crowd of people who showed up which consisted of Victoria's adopted parents, Jason, Nick, Judy, Brent, Marian, Robin, and Talia. He then spoke the eulogy of his mother.
"Victoria was a gentle person, Kind, sweet, and also a strong, determined person, I never knew my blood mother
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New Heroes: Chapter Four
Bryant and Laurel walked into the Elevator as soon as the door closed and Bryant pushed the ground floor button, Laurel pulled him in for a deep kiss, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist at the hips, and she wrapped her tail around his waist up near his chest, immediately pressing their bodies flush against each other, and her lips were immediately pressed against his with loving force, they involuntarily moaned and purred as they gently yet aggressively made love to each other, and they slowly drew each other's claws and pressed each other's claws into their bodies, she then placed her right paw at the back of his head and pressed him in deeper, then he licked her lips and she let him in and they licked each other's tounges, then she pressed her claws into his hoodie and she ripped into it, and he ripped into the into the surface fabric of her coat,
Luckily the tears in their Jackets were only noticeable by touch, she lovingly pressed her cla
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New Heroes: Chapter three
Laurel pulled back from the deep kiss and said in a very loving voice;
"I've had a crush on you since we were kits, it was the way you always took your time to make sure I was alright, the way you held me, the softness of your fur. I fell in love with you."
"I hated seeing you so depressed. I'll make sure you never feel like that ever again." He said as he pulled her in for another kiss, he moved his paw to her weak spot right beneath her right ear, pressing his lips against hers, she purred as they took in every last bit of love from each other, devouring each other, she pressed her body flush against his, pinning him to a wall, she popped her claws and scratched at the back of his head and he did the same with his, pressing in hard enough for each other to know their presence but not enough to pierce flesh, he gave a slight moan as  she opened her mouth and he licked her lips and pushed his tounge into her mouth and she did the same, she purred as the took in every last bit of e
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Oliver and Alexandra (ZOOTOPIA LOVE STORY)
Oliver was lying on the couch With Alexandra cuddled up next to him, he was asleep and she was wide awake and loving how caring he was and how he just let loose of his control when it was just them, how he was so protective of her, and how kind and gentle to her, and how affectionate he was when they were together and alone. She purred when he rubbed his scent on her.
"Oh, how I love you, you handsome mammal." She whispered. She loved how she could feel his deep, immense love for her just radiate off him.
She had begun to think back to when they first met and how he just treated her with so much affection and how it just flowed into his actions towards her and how she only realized her true feelings for him when she almost lost him.
And this is how they fell in love...
They were on their way to their homes when he got in front of her and said with compassion and Affection;
"Alexandra, I love you, you are my one true love, there's no one else I'd rather be with than you..." She hugged h
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New Heroes: Chapter two
Nick, Judy, Chase, and Jason were on their way to Celia's apartment, thirty minutes ago they received a text from her saying she needed to see them,  that it was urgent.
"I wonder what she called us for, I hope she's OK..." Nick said while rapidly approaching Celia's apartment.
"I'm sure she's fine, she probably just wants to tell us something." Judy said in a rough tone.
"Well I don't wanna leave anything to chance, so let's just get there, quickly." Chase said with deep concern for his cousin's safety.
"Relax Chase..." Jason and Victoria said in unison.
"We're almost there." Victoria finished the sentence.
Meanwhile at Celia and Jake's apartment...
Celia was still wrapped in Jake's arms, she was waking up.
"Morning beautiful, sleep well?" He asked softly with a loving tone.
She turned in bed so she could see his face, he was smiling and gazing intimately into her beautiful ocean blue eyes.
"I'll always sleep well when I'm in your arms... Handsome." She said as wrapped her arms a
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William and Sandra(ZOOTOPIA LOVE STORY)
William MacGrath was sitting on the loveseat in his girlfriend's Living room, Sandra Michaels was cuddled up next to him, she was taking a nap, leaning her head against his shoulder, her tail wrapped around her Wolf, he kissed her on the forehead, which earned him a passionate purr and he wrapped his tail around her waist, keeping her close to him. He began to doze off, remembering back to when they first met.
And this is how they met... In grade school.
It was seventh grade and Sandra was constantly being bullied, by both pred and prey alike, she was a Tiger, cross fox hybrid after all, she was walking out of class when a fox, badger, rabbit, and a wolverine.
"You, you think you special, that you are unique... Pft... You, your a freak of nature." The wolverine said.
Then the Badger kicked her in the shin.
Then the rest joined in and attacked her.
"HEY, WHAT DID SHE EVER DO TO YOU!?" William yelled.
Then he side kicked the wolverine in the gut, then his powers began to act up, then in
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New Heroes: Chapter one
Celia was in her luxurious apartment when she received a phone call from her best friend, Lilli Marks, she said she needed help with one of her projects.
Celia then used her telekinesis to help her get dressed as she was only in her Under clothing, she put on a green tank top that revealed a small bit of her waist, a gray unzipped leather Jacket, and a pair of white denim jeans. She picked up her purse then looked at the lock screen of her phone showing her missing boyfriend, Jake Elias Wilson, he had been gone for nine years now and she missed him, she missed her mate. She put the phone in her pants pocket, and got her car keys, she walked out to her car, which is a Nissan altima 2032 model, and started the engine she felt like someone was watching her from the shadows, she shook off the feeling and drove to Marks industries.
On the way to Marks HQ her thoughts were on her and Jake's first kiss on Her seventeenth birthday.
May 7th, 8 years ago.
She was watching a western movie when he
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Cole MacGrath by MaxMidnight026 Cole MacGrath :iconmaxmidnight026:MaxMidnight026 3 6
Chase and his girlfriend Talia were lying in bed he was still awake but Talia was asleep, he was thinking about how they met, he laid his head down and flashed back to the day they first met;
This is how they met.
Since she was a hybrid, they all made fun of her, called her names in high school, bullied her.
One day he saw her getting bullied then her attacker touched her inappropriately and Chase gripped him by the ear, pinned him to the wall, knee kicked him in the gut and said;
"Do not ever attack her or Touch her like that ever again, or else."
Then the bully walked away and then she said;
"Thank you, my hero." With a grin
"Ah... No problem, my pleasure." Chase replied with a grin
Then she walked away teary eyed and he followed her out side and sat down facing her and said;
"Are you sure your alright?" With concern.
"No, its nothing, I'm fine, what do you care anyway?"
"Its just, I hate seeing someone as beautiful as you upset. Come on, you can tell me."
"Well, it's just that I get
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Victoria and Jason (ZOOTOPIA LOVE STORY)
Jason and his wife Victoria were cuddling on the couch, Vic was lying down across his lap with her head on his leg napping, he gently caressed her her head with one paw and held her left paw with the other, he dozed off and connected with her mind and he dreamed back to their first 'date'.
She was sitting at a table in her apartment when he showed up dressed in his regular clothes and she was wearing a black pair of jeans and a gray tank top.
"You're early." She said
"As are you. Darling, you are gorgeous!"
"Oh your such charmer."
"Why thank you."
She took out a beer from her fridge and passed it to him after a few hours of drinking she got up pulled him out from his chair and on to her couch and began to gently rub his chest with her scent and then he took off his vest and unzipped his hoodie and began to hug her and kiss her then she said;
"Kiss me, kiss me like you did that night."
Every date since that was similar to that   night he treated her with love and respect, and showe
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Jason Chronicles chapter-three: part three
They walked into a Chamber that had dozens of torture tools, and syringes then he showed them his memories. They saw them as if they were happening right in front of them.
"This is where they tortured and experimented on me. They stopped it at the of the day everyday. For three of nine years I laid there each night aching in pain and Sorrow, praying for someone come and rescue me, for God to take me to heaven, each night the pain got worse. Then one day they just released the shackles and beat me to near Death, then one night, I just stopped praying and gave up an any hope that I would be rescued. One day, they stopped The Torture and Just injected Countless Chemicals into my blood stream, then, without even sedating me, they cut me open and drilled into my bones right down to the center and Injected the DNA of countless species of Mammal, and Reptile into the marrow of my bone it was excruciatingly painful. After that they Brutally well trained me in combat. With each passing moment I
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Jason Chronicles chapter-three: part two
Jason and James were training in the Den, honing their skills, Jason was using hidden blades, James was using his Katana. James Kicked Jason in the Jaw, almost breaking it, then Jason stomped on James' foot, causing him to stumble, then Jason used a series of Martial arts techniques and struck at James' nerves and paralyzed him, then he Kicked him to the floor and James said;
"Where did you learn to fight like that?"
"I was trained by a sinister organization that was known as Deathwatch, they tortured and experimented on me, turned me into a weapon."
"Could we see Deathwatch?" Chase asked, walking up with Talia and Vic.
"No. No, no, no, no. You will not go to see Deathwatch."
"Why not Jason, why not?" Vic asked
"Because, it is where I was Turned into that... That monstrosity!" He said as the memories came flooding back into his mind causing him to cry.
"You want to see where I was trained, then I will show you where."
"Who here wants to see where I was trained?"
"I do." Vic said
"I do.
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Jason Chronicles chapter-three: part one.
James was getting dressed and Melissa was waking up.
"Hey James, are we going Somewhere?"
"Yeah, you said you wanted to See what Jason Did, so we are going to go see him."
"I would Get dressed in your Combat Gear, where he works they like to spar... A lot." James said.
"Alright, Let's Go." Melissa said.
They got into their Mission gear and traveled to the Den. When they Got there, they found that Everyone was Training. They saw that Talia and Chase were Sparing.
"So this is what he does, He is a vigilante, they are all Vigilantes!"
Then They walked over and James said;
"I don't believe we have met, My name is James Arce and this is my darling wife Melissa, and you are?"
"I'm Chase Loxley, This is my girlfriend; Talia winter."
"Wait, are you the daughter of Skye Winter!?"
"Yes, yes I am. Did you know my mom?"
"Yes, I did know your mom she was the second bravest Mammal I have ever known, you have my deepest sympathies."
"Hey, you wanna see something cool?" James asked.
"Sure" Chase said.
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Jason Chronicles chapter-two: FINAL PART
Talia was sleeping in her room remembering back last night and how caring Chase was for her safety then She woke up and found that her entire room was covered in ice and frost. She got up and had to wrestle her closet door open and got dressed In her everyday clothes and opened the door that led to the rest of the apartment and saw her dad sitting at the table drinking coffee then she said;
"Dad, I need to move in with Chase."
"Why?" He asked.
"This is why pointing to her room.
Jack walked over to the doorway and saw her entire room was Covered in ice and Frost.
"I need to be near him 24/7 so that I can keep my powers in check."
"Alright, I'll call his parents and tell them that you will be moving in with them and why."
"Thanks Dad, I'll go pack."
"I'll get the Car ready." Jack said.
They drove over to Chase's apartment and they rushed up the stairs and were greeted by a concerned Chase who immediately Kissed Talia and said;
"Do you want the spare bedroom or do you want to sleep with m
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Jason Chronicles chapter-two: part four
Victoria was waking up and saw Jason getting Dressed and asked;
"Hi honey, are we going somewhere?"
"Yeah, over to Jack's apartment, apparently, Chase and his daughter, Talia, have fallen in love with each other.  They are going on a date tonight."
"Awe, I can't wait to meet her." She said.
"I will go wake up chase." Vic said
She walked over to Chase's room and said;
"Chase, shouldn't you be getting ready for your date with Talia?"
As soon as he heard this he jumped out of bed and rummaged through his closet until he found the right outfit. He dressed in black jeans, gray T-shirt with the Red lantern symbol, a shark tooth necklace,  a bracelet made of gun metal, And a digital watch. He left his room and put on his black jean jacket and said;
"Alright, I'm ready to go."
"Then let's go." Vic said with a smile.
On the way there Victoria asked about his relationship with Talia.
"So... How long have you and Talia known each other?"
"A few months, we have been Dating for a while no
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Jason Chronicles chapter-two: part three
Victoria and Jason were making breakfast, Chase was watching star wars the clone wars on Netflix when someone knocked at the door;
"Hello, is anyone home?" A voice asked.
"It's James, let him in." Vic said.
When James walked through the door, there was a worried look on his face.
"What's wrong James?" Vic said.
"I... I... I don't know how it happened but Melissa has fallen gravely ill a-and I can't heal her, Jason, I need your help... Please I can't loose her." James said in a concerned and worried tone.
"Then why are we still standing here for, let's go!"
They drove over to James' apartment band rushed up the stairs and then James opened the door and there Melissa was lying on the bed then she faintly said;
"James your back and you brought friends."
"Don't worry my love Jason here is going to cure you."
"Don't you worry Melissa, your not going to die, Not on my watch."
"Now stand back and be quiet, this requires my up most concentration." Then he began to speak in a strange language.
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It had been four days since the attack in Sahara Square, four days since President Morgan issued the Zootopia quarantine, the people of Zootopia, trapped in a city dying from radiation, only the mammals with powers are immune to the radiation. Jason Loxley had lost everything that day, he had run out of things to live for. Today, On May 1st, 2033, Victoria Loxley is being. Buried, Jason arrived at the cemetery via wraith dash he walked over to where they were they had her coffin and picked it up and with the help of Chase, Brent, and Nick he carried it to the grave site, they gently placed her coffin over the ground and then Nick, Brent, and Jason went to their seats and Chase stood behind her coffin facing the crowd of people who showed up which consisted of Victoria's adopted parents, Jason, Nick, Judy, Brent, Marian, Robin, and Talia. He then spoke the eulogy of his mother.
"Victoria was a gentle person, Kind, sweet, and also a strong, determined person, I never knew my blood mother, Victoria was the closest thing I had to a Mom, now she's gone, and I'm sure gonna miss her, may you rest in peace and may God accept you into his kingdom." Jason wanted to say something but he was so lost in his emotions that he couldn't find the courage to utter so much as one syllable. Then they each got into on single row to pay their respects to Victoria. Each one laid an item on her chest, Nick placed an arrowhead in her paws, Judy placed a daisy on her chest,
Brent took a single shard of metal from his broken assassin's blade and placed it on her chest as well, Chase placed a single rose pedal on her chest, Talia placed a metal snowflake in her paws then her parents took out two throwing stars and placed them on her chest and then Jason was last, Talia was holding little Sara in her arms, he stood there starring at her lifeless face, he leaned down and gently kissed her forehead, then they lowered her coffin into the hole in the ground, and then buried her in the ground. After that everyone except Jason, Brent, Talia and little Sara, Victoria's parents, and Nick had left, they all stood in front of her gravestone, Jason starred aimlessly at it, as if he were starring into an abyss, then her father walked up to him and said;
"No one blames you for what happened, and you shouldn't blame yourself, It's not your fault." In a kind voice.
"Yes. It. Is... My Daughter will grow up without her mother, and for that... Once I find him, her killer will pay with his life for what he has done. Every crime has consequences, I Shall have my Revenge. You have my word."
"promise me he'll suffer..." Victoria's mother said, voice filled with grief.
"He, will pay, I swear he'll pay, he will pay penance for his actions..." Jason said reaching into his trench coat and pulling out a knife, he cut his right paw and let the blood drip onto the grave, magic bonding his promise to it.
"He will pay..." He muttered under his breath as he cried. Then he healed his wound and got up and took little Sara into his arms and walked away, as he walked away Nick placed his paw On his shoulder and said;
"I know what your thinking, don't, let the task force do Its job."
"Try and stop me, You'll never stop me, fear will keep you check." He seethed with hate. Then he left.

After the attack and quarantine which the tabloids horrendously named 'The Zootopia event',and dying from radiation sickness that they had also named 'The Plague', the city had gone to hell, each district had been fortified, gangs had taken over the districts, the worst being in the Sahara district, a gang calling themselves the Pilgrims, led by Isaac Blakk; former Nigerian mafia boss, now terrorize the citizens of the city, dozens of innocents slaughtered by those monsters, the police force had teamed up with the Vigilantes forming the task force, they ensure the law stays enforced. But soon this city will be introduced to a new Vigilante, no criminal will be safe with reaper back on the streets.

Meanwhile, Celia's place...

Jake was lying down in bed with Celia cuddled up to him, her head nuzzled into his chest. Then his cell phone began ringing, He gently moved Celia off of his chest and leaned up and picked his phone up off the bedside table and looked at the screen, it said unknown caller, he answered the phone and put it on video call, It was his cousin and his wife Eli and Margret Wilson, then Jake asked;
"Eli, How'd you get this number?" He asked a little stunned.
He then thought to himself;
'Am loosing my edge?' He had taught himself to remain hidden, he became quite good at it.
"People talk, after you disappeared with your family, I had to know at least one of you was alright. Where are the rest of them... *gasp* What happened to your eye!?" He asked pointing to Jake's scarred eye and and starring at the gray in his eye.
"My family is dead, I killed them, they were Savages, I had no other choice, I tried to cure them it didn't work, I am sorry, I was gravely injured, that's when..." And then Celia woke up and leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his body and gave him a big kiss on the cheek and gave a big smile.
Eli and Margret just starred at her in awkward silence, Margret broke the silence and asked;
"Well Jake aren't you going to introduce us to your girlfriend?" starring at the red furred Vixen hugging her cousin.
"Margret, Eli, this is Celia, The girl who stole my heart, my... fiancé, Celia they are my Cousin and his wife, Eli and Margret."
That left both Eli and Margret stunned. Then he continued to tell them the dark truth behind his vanishing.
"Celia healed me, took care of me, made me better, after a week of healing and treatment I left, I was being hunted by them, my family, I didn't want Celia getting hurt, so I ran, then they caught up with me, I didn't have time to think, I just relied on muscle memory and instinct, that's when I killed them, I broke Ignatius' neck, beat father to death, and shot mother in the head, after that, I took my assassin's gear and all the money they stashed away and ran, after a year of living on their money I ran out of it, then for the next eight years I was a mercenary, I got this on my last contract before I got out. I was Hired to kill a crime lord and his brother, I got the Job done but not until after I was captured by the crime lord and tortured for nine months, all those months in agony, I realized that if I died, Celia would have never known, she was the only thing that kept me alive, the thing that was worth living and fighting for." he said turning his head to meet her gaze and he kissed her lovingly.
"And the rest is history..." he said before he kissed her again, before Eli could get a word out Margret said;
"Well, we'll leave you two alone..." She said hanging up the phone.
Then Jake and Celia turned their bodies to face each other and they laid back down and became lost in each other, then he said;
"Ya' know you are one lucky fox to have me as your mate."
"Yes, that I am... And you are one lucky Guy to have such a loving mate." She said kissing him again, placing her left paw at the back of his head. Briefly pulling back to mark his chest then she pulled him back in.
He then asked what time it was;
"What time is it..." He asked.
"six AM... I don't care..." She said continuing to make love to her mate
"Same..." He mumbled doing the same, she kissed him thrusting her tounge into his mouth, she purred as he did the same. He wrapped his arms around her waist and marked her with his paws. Then they wrapped each other's tails around their waists then the got really wild. Their very intimate morning lasted for five hours.

The Wilde household...

Laurel was waiting outside of the apartment building, she was expecting  Bryant to meet her outside the building, Today was their first day of power training, He was taking a while. She needed some quality time with her boyfriend, he was released three days ago and she wanted to be there for him if he needed a shoulder to cry on, her powers were stressing her out, what she could do was scarry, she even scared herself sometimes. Then a frightening thought formed in her head;
'What if I hurt someone, oh God... What if I kill someone!? I. Need. Control...' She was pulled out of her thoughts when Bryant walked out of the building and wrapped his left arm around her waist, pulling her body flush against his then he placed his right paw on her weak spot at the back of her head and placed his lips on hers, kissing her lovingly. It Lasted for two minutes. Then he pulled back and said;
"I couldn't stand being away from you for as long as I was. I love you." With compassion.
"I love you too... Handsome." She said wrapping both arms and her tail around his waist.
She hugged him close and said;
"I'm scared..."
"Scared of my powers, scared of what I might do, I mean, what if I..." Then he gave her a reassuring kiss, the he spoke softly and said;
"Hey, I know you would never hurt anyone, at least not accidentally, and I know you would never hurt me, not even by accident, you are the most loving person I know... I love you." He gently said gazing into her eyes.
"Thanks for cheering me up, I love you too... And ya' know, even with those scars, you're still as handsome as ever..." She said feeling the scars on his face as she rubbed her cheek into his scarred one, also feeling the ones on his chest as she rubbed her body up against his, at the feel of the scars, she flashed back to that dreadful day when the city was placed under Quarantine and when Bryant had to fight for his life, when she lost her brother. She began to break down crying in his arms, then he said lovingly;
"Hey, it's okay, everything is going to be okay, we'll find out who did this to us, to this city, to your brother, we'll do it together, as a team. Come on, let's go train." He said gazing  into her eyes once more, passionate emeralds meet hurting sapphires, then he placed his right paw on her head and kissed her again, cupping her cheek in his paw. She was so caught up in her emotions that she never bothered to check to see what he was wearing, a gray T-shirt, black Jeans, and a leather biker jacket, and a pair of biker gloves.
Then he pulled back from the kiss and they took each other's paws and walked to a warehouse, it was an industrial building.

a few minutes later...

"Now Laurel, I want you to concentrate on what you care about most, the one thing you covet most, focus on love, kindness, happiness, push all other thing to the back of your mind." He advised.
"Good, now, harness those emotions, let the joy, the grief, the love surge through you, channel them, focus, good now pull your paw back and thrust it forward." She did so and a beam of light lunged forth from her palm obliterating the target.
"Good, now we can get started on your paw to paw combat skills..." They continued training for a good nine hours, then they were ready to cuddle up on a couch and watch a movie together...which they did.

Jason's hideout, not the Den...

Jason was driving to a location that only he knew about, a hideout he used to use before he rejoined the team all those years ago, it was where he had stashed away all of his gear; tactical armor, black trench coats. High tech tactical masks, a few old vigilante suits, and an entire arsenal of weapons.
He was wearing a sleeveless denim jacket, black leather pants, and a tattered black T-shirt. Chase and Talia were watching little Sara, he would go and pick her up in the morning. But right now he has to "go to work" so to speak. He glanced at his left ring finger, he was wearing her ring and his ring, it made him feel closer to her. The wound was still fresh, he starred straight ahead, pure hate and malice in his eyes, all the while he thought;
'I'll make him pay, he will die...'
He was pulled out of his thoughts when he arrived at the location, it was an old abandoned industrial facility, he opened a power box and in it there was a key pad, he typed in the numbers; 529440, and then a paw scanner appeared and he placed his right paw on it and then it was scanned, then a retina scanner appeared and he placed his left eye in front of it and his retina scanned positive. Then a door opened revealing an elevator, and he walked into it and the door closed and then he went down about a good thirty feet then it stopped,  and he opened the door and he Walked into an open room then he flipped the lights on, he had Malware; a former ally and the word's best hacker; set it up so that it would run independent of the city power grid, there were a few rooms and areas that held a few of his old vigilante suits, an armory holding an entire arsenal of weapons; submachine guns, hellfire shotguns, fully automatic machine guns, a high tech bow and a very wide array of trick arrows, grenades of every sort, rocket launchers, guns of every sort and type, knives of various types, and six katanas two of them were serrated and imbued with dark magic, and he imbued the knives with magic too, and at the center was a very wide array of computers, then he began speaking an incantation summoning his suit and desired weapons to him, his black hooded trench coat was summoned, along with Tactical body armor and then three bladed thin arm guards each wrapped around his upper arms, and then  batman like arm guards placed themselves on his forearms, black rags wrapping around the inside of his trench coat, arms and paws, tactical shin guards placed them on his shins, he drew his claws and cursed his trench coat allowing him to store limitless weapons in the fold of his trench coat, then he wrapped his blade whip as a sash around his body, fingerless gloves, sheathed both cursed katanas on his back, and stored all the weapons, except the rocket launchers, in his trench coat, then he pulled up the hood and placed a high tech helmet with that covered his whole head, minus the ears and some of his lower jaw, then the inside of the mask, in front of the eyes, lit up with a tactical visor. Then the eyes on the out side glowed blood red for ten seconds then he said with a modulated voice.
"Darkest Day, Blackest Night, No crime shall escape my sight, Let those who submit to Satan's might, beware my power -- Reaper's Blight..." Then he screamed with unholy power.
He pulled out a locket necklace, he opened it and it had a picture of him and Victoria taking a selfie together, on the other side it had these words on it;
'I will always be with you, always.' Then he shed a single tear as he clenched a fist, grasping at locket in his paw, he gasped, a slight shudder in it, as his jaw trembled, he wrapped the necklace around his neck, then he said;
"I... will make... him regret ever pulling the trigger." With hate in his voice, expression filled with malice.
Then he sensed there was someone else in the room with him.
"I know you are there." He said in a monotone voice.
Then Brent spiral jumped from above and perfectly landed on the floor and said;
"Jason, I know what you want to do and..." He was cut off;
"Don't try to stop me..." Jason said, angry.
"I don't want to stop you, I want to help you."
"Why? What do you have to gain from helping me?"
"I can't help but to feel partially at fault for what happened to Victoria, this will ease my conscience." Brent said.
"Alright, take any weapons you need and then we'll go to work." Jason said directing Brent to the armory.
Brent picked out a sniper rifle that doubled as a machine gun, submachine gun, a pair of hidden blades, and a bunch of throwing knives.
"let's finish this." Brent said, putting on tactical goggles, pulling up a hood, a screen lit up on the lenses, a combat tactical visor. Then Jason and Brent Teleported out of the area which Jason named 'the Nest'. They were prowling on the rooftops, searching for criminals, then they found an old warehouse full of illegal arms dealers loading a truck full of military grade automatic machine guns;
"Take a good sniping position, I'll handle the rest."
Brent did as instructed and took position.
Then Jason created a telepathic link between him and Brent.
"I'm in position." Brent spoke through the link.
Then Jason used his wraith powers to kill the lights for dramatic effect.
"*Sinister Cackle* Ya' know, those weapons are illegal in this city, and Don't care much for criminals, I'm going to give you one warning, drop the guns, unload the truck, and go to your homes and pretend this never happened." He said walking out from the shadows, eyes glowing red.
"pfffft, Like hell we will, orders are orders, and we're delivering these to the Pilgrims whether you like it or not. Keep loading the truck." An Australian panther said with contempt.
"That's all I needed to hear." He said summoning his dual wielding hellfire shotguns to his paws, he shot the panther in the chest and teleported to behind two other assailants and shot both of them, and teleported again but this time using dual wielding submachine guns, he fell from above using magic to slow his fall, he spun rapidly while firing repetitively. There was only one assailant left, he pinned him to the side of the truck and said furiously;
"You were warned." Before holding him for Brent to shoot, Brent shot the dealer in his left leg, then Jason said;
"Tell Isaac Blakk that he is to leave this city alone, if he doesn't... His wife and daughter will pay the price for his insolence and tell him that I am not bluffing and his daughter's name is Alexis and his wife's name is Nicole.
Tell him I know where he lives, I know all his fears, and if he tries to run... There is no where in city where him or his family will be safe, and tell him... this city has a new protector and his name is Reaper."
"Y-Y-Yes-s-s s-s-sir... *shuddered breath*."
"And to show him I mean business..." Jason said pinning the assailant to the wall pressing the blades on his left forearm into his chest cutting into his flesh, then Jason spoke in the Cursed  language, then his rags moved upon his voice, wrapping itself around the assailant's wrist and extended his arm, Jason pulled out his right katana an then Jason chanted;
"Eis morres ach ma R'ak Ta!" Then a a dark aura formed around the blade then he cut off the assailant's forearm, then he mystically wrapped adhesive fabric around the wound and then Jason said;
"Now... Get. Out." Through gritted fangs.
Then the assailant ran off like a coward.
Then Jason wiped the blood off of his sword and onto his trench coat. Then Brent walked up next to him and asked;
"How do you know that Isaac will take you and your threats seriously?"
"Oh, he will, or his family will pay for his Arrogance, fear is a great motivator."
He said a slight smirk on his muzzle, he looked at the locket again, then a single tear went down his face as the mask automatically moved back, splitting into four separate fragments, revealing a pain filled expression, eyes filled with grief and hate.
"Hey, we'll make this right. We're brothers in arms, best friends, we will bring order back to this city and avenge her."
"I know... I know..." He replied hugging his best friend, his mask becoming whole again, despair forming in his voice.

Later that night...

He was resting in his bed, trying to sleep but, his thoughts were still dwelling on his wife, on Victoria... Then, when he finally fell asleep, he had a nightmare; he stood above a sea of corpses, his body drenched in blood, he was on his knees, holding Victoria's body in his arms, his claws covered in his blood, his katana through her heart. then he woke up and then he realized it's meaning, he was the reason she was dead.
"Forgive me, I never meant for it to go this far..." Referring to his crusade against the crime in zootopia.
One last hurrah, for you... My love.
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hulk VS Megatron

you know the rules.
Bryant and Laurel walked into the Elevator as soon as the door closed and Bryant pushed the ground floor button, Laurel pulled him in for a deep kiss, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist at the hips, and she wrapped her tail around his waist up near his chest, immediately pressing their bodies flush against each other, and her lips were immediately pressed against his with loving force, they involuntarily moaned and purred as they gently yet aggressively made love to each other, and they slowly drew each other's claws and pressed each other's claws into their bodies, she then placed her right paw at the back of his head and pressed him in deeper, then he licked her lips and she let him in and they licked each other's tounges, then she pressed her claws into his hoodie and she ripped into it, and he ripped into the into the surface fabric of her coat,
Luckily the tears in their Jackets were only noticeable by touch, she lovingly pressed her claws into his neck, and he did the same, they both scratched each other's necks, and she released from the kiss, bodies still pressed against each other, they continued to scratch and sooth each other, then she hugged him tighter than ever, and he did the same, the predator instincts in him telling him to mark her, and gently and lovingly nip her.
He rubbed his chin into her cheek then to the shoulder and his cheek across her chest, being careful not to cross the line, then she rubbed her chin into the top of his head in between the ears, his right ear was on her chest and he heard her heartbeat and then she purred in pleasure, all the while the urge to strip each other down and fully claim each other as mates grew stronger and stronger with each passing moment, they both felt it and they both wanted to do it but, they both heavily resisted it, they held it in as they pulled away from each other, her upper body covered in his scent, and his head in hers.
"Not now but maybe later, I don't want to make a scene. More importantly, I don't want to take this too far, not yet, at least. *wink*"
She smiled at his gesture and she pressed herself against him again, this time just wanting him to hear her racing heart, and to feel the warmth in her chest, then she kissed him gently, not forcing anything. Then she said, now caught on his warm, passionate gaze and his comforting, gentle embrace.
"I understand, I love you, Bryant Wilde, I just want to feel all of you." she said her heart began to race even faster as he just gently bit her on the neck, not hard enough to hurt her, but enough for her to know his presence, then he placed both sets of claws on her abdomen and scratched her passionately there.
She gasped in combined shock and pleasure, and moaned in ecstasy as she loved the feeling of his claws on her abdomen and his fangs on her neck. Then he pulled away and she whined when he did this, he wiped off the wetness he left on her neck by rubbing his cheeks into the damp spots.
"You'll get the rest later, beautiful."
She giggled at that, then they reached the ground floor the elevator doors opened and she saw a limo there ready to take them anywhere they wanted. And they could even do whatever they wanted in the back seat, as the windows were tinted.
"Ugh, my mom must of had this arranged for us." Laurel said with angst.
"We might as well take advantage of it." He said opening the door for her.
"Oh, you charmer you, alright I'll do it."
She said getting in the back seat with Bryant following strong suit, closing the door behind him.
"Where can I take you two this afternoon?"
"Arron, nice to see you again." Laurel said
"The 009 theater, please." Bryant said calmly.
"You got it." Arron said
Then he rolled up the window connecting the front to the back, knowing Laurel would want some privacy with her boyfriend.
Then Laurel moved over in her seat, getting on top of Bryant, facing him, placing her legs on either side of him, taking off her Coat and tossing it aside, then he took off his hoodie and beanie and did the same, she proceeded to unbutton his shirt all the way down and parted it so she could see his body, then she wrapped her arms around his neck, her tail around his chest, and her legs around his waist, she then pulled down the straps on her tank top, revealing her slender form, she pressed her body against his, now fully feeling the warmth of his body, and he feeling hers, she slowly leaned in for a kiss, as if temping him to gently scratch her at the sides, then he did so with love and compassion, placing his paws on both sides drawing both sets of claws, he gently pressed in and moved up and down slowly. Then she kissed him, gently pressing her lips into his, then she rubbed her cheek into his chest as she pulled back and cuddled up to him, pulling back her legs and cuddling up to his chest, hugging him as she moved her tail down to his waist, as she rested her head on his chest she took in his scent, he tilted his head down and sniffed her head, taking in her sweet scent. Then she purred as their scents fill their nostrils. She could feel the air fill his chest. Then Arron broke the beautiful moment when he knocked on the window.
"We are almost there." He said, sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Then she pulled up from his chest, and pulled her tank top back up, and she buttoned up his shirt for him, and he put on his beanie and hoodie, she put on her long coat. Then she cuddled back up to him, placing her cheek softly onto his chest, and as she rested there he scratched her in her weak spot. This lasted about six to ten minutes. Until the car stopped at the theater, then he opened the door and they both went into the theater. Then he let her pick the movie, she picked the Uncharted movie, it was based off of both of their favorite Videogames.
"Two tickets for Uncharted please." He said, accepting the Tickets passed to him.
Then he bought them two drinks.
Then they walked into the auditorium showing the movie.
Then the movie started, then about half way through the movie she placed her paw on his, and she pulled him in for a kiss and then he purred and gladly returned the kiss.

meanwhile at the Den...

Jake and Celia arrived at the den, he was in his assassin's gear, Celia was in the vigilante gear he designed for her, they Had just arrived at the den, they saw Robin, Nick, Chase, Oliver, Alexandra, Talia, Judy, and Marian, all of them except Robin and Marian were in their vigilante gear,
Talia, Judy, Marian, and Alexandra got on the left, and The others to the right Jake was going to fight the guys and Celia the Girls.
Jake got on the mat, his first opponent was Nick.
"Just so you know, I won't hold back."Jake said
"Good, Neither will I." Nick replied.
Nick fired arrows at him until he ran out
Every one of them was dodged or sliced in half. Then they fought in paw to paw combat, Nick rapidly punched him in the face, then Jake struck him in the ears, then the gut, and then in the knees, Nick was beat in under two minutes, next was Chase, he ignited his paws on fire and got into fighting stance, he threw a punch and missed then out of nowhere Jake spun around kicked Chase in the shin and nerve struck him in the abdomen. And he fell to the mat he got up and walked away, Robin was up next had a cybernetic left arm that goes from his elbow down, he threw a right cross and missed then a left cross and Jake caught it in both paws and threw him to the mat, then it was Oliver's turn, and their fight was a full on martial arts fight, Oliver Landed a few good punches with his super strength, then Jake let the Vampire side of him take hold, he was used his vampire strength and Oliver threw a punch this time he caught the punch with his bare paw and kicked him in the neck and Oli fell to the mat;
"Dang, your good." Oliver said, no one has ever beaten him, ever.
Jake was standing there Celia looked into his eye and saw pure Blood red, she ran over to him and hugged him and then she pulled his hood down and placed her paw at the back of his head and Kissed him lovingly, the redness left his eyes and reverted back to normal.
He began to weep and she hugged him and marked him at the same time.
"It's okay, I'm here, I'm never going to leave you." She said with care in her voice.
He hugged her back and marked her  lovingly.
"Awe, you two are just so adorable!" Judy said
"How about you both fight together, as a team." Marian suggested, eager to see their strengths combined.
"What'd ya say love, team up?" Jake suggested kindly.
"Wouldn't have it any other way." She said. Then a purple aura of telekinetic energy formed around her paws, they got back to back and she got into strike position, powers at the ready. Jake activated his hidden blades and got into fighting stance, prepared to fight.
Talia and Chase came at Celia, powers at the ready, Celia stopped them in mid air and threw them to the ground. Oliver and Alexandra rushed at Jake, Alexandra swung her blades at him, he grabbed them by the blade and took them out of her paws then tossed them to the sides, and then he kicked her to the ground, then Oliver fired an arrow at   Jake and Jake caught it in his paw and snapped it in half, then he launched one of his hidden blades at Olivers shin, it hit him in the shin and he fell to the ground, as he couldn't walk with a knife in his leg.
"It's OK, I heal very fast." Oliver said pulling the blade out of his leg and passing it to Jake, who wiped the blood off of it and retracted it into the blade compartment.
"You two are awesome as a team." Alexandra said.
"We try our best." Celia said turning to Jake and wrapping her arms around him and kissing him gently.

The MCB, an hour and a half later...

Jason and Victoria held each other  close and rubbed she her scent on his neck and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, then she walked away and blew a kiss to him, and he put on his Tactical gear, and a quiver full of arrows with his bow that had back curving blades on the ends.

Then it happened,

First a large temporary power outage, then in the Sahara district a massive explosion, it was unlike anything the world had ever seen, shortly after a massive wave of energy, Jason sensed the incoming wave and shielded Victoria from it, when they got hit by it, it passed straight through them, then Victoria spoke faintly into Jason's ear;
"My water just broke..." Fear evident in her voice.
This left him in shock, he wrapped his bow around his waist and Picked up Victoria, bride style and teleported out of the crumbling building and outside then they were shocked to see blazing infernos and fire spewing from the ground below, He teleported again and again until he was hit with fire from the ground, and even though it was putting a strain on his body he continued to teleport, then they were almost to the hospital when a car exploded near them, this threw his senses off and he stumbled after a few minutes of aimlessly walking around he was back on track and teleported just outside the hospital doors, he kicked the door down and ran inside;
"She's in Labor, she needs immediate medical attention!" He yelled as loudly as he could in his current state. They pulled up a stretcher and he got her on it then he fell to the ground, a nurse helped him to a chair, there he sat, exhausted, eyes full of discord and worry.

The Den...

They were all having small talk then the bomb went off and the structure became unstable, instinctively Jake shielded Celia with his own body as then Marian pulled up what was happening on screen, an explosion stretching over five, six square blocks, a wave of energy powering through the City, and they were about to be hit by it, Chase, Nick, Oliver, and Robin followed Jake's lead and shielded their mates with their bodies, when the blast wave hit, Nick, Alexandra, and Chase screamed as they could feel their DNA Shift and change because of the energy absorbed by their bodies, suddenly Nick's body was covered in strange Metal, then he realized that he wasn't covered in Metal, He was Metal, then he shifted back and forth between regular form and Steel form involuntarily, then he concentrated and stayed in regular form, Alexandra's scream was Deafening, it was super sonic, her vocal cords were amplified beyond comprehension, glass around them shattering at her scream.
While Chase didn't get any new powers his current ones were amplified, as his physical appearance became living flame, while he appeared to have his shape, his body was fire, then everyone got up after the wave Passed, Chase looked at his body, nothing but fire, he concentrated and was brought back into his physical state.
"What did you get Nick?" Chase asked
Then Nick switch into Steel form then Back again.
"I got this..." Chase said turning into living Fire and back again.
"We all know what you got Alexandra." Jake said pulling his hood up.
"Let's go save some lives." Chase said turning into fire and taking flight.
"That's what I do for a living." Celia said
Then Nick Remembered Bryant and Laurel were out on their date.
"We gotta go find Bryant and Laurel!" Nick said with worry.
"We'll go with you then." Celia said with Jake following close behind
"He's Family, and Jake's Family to me, so were going to save them." Celia said, not taking no for an answer.
"Fine, but we gotta hurry." Judy said, rushing to the door.
"Let's go." Nick said, steeling up.

Sahara Square...

Bryant and Laurel were on their way back home when the Limo was hit by the explosion, the car was torn to shreds, Laurel was thrown from the crash, Bryant's Legs were pinned under wreckage from the car and from broken buildings, he was knocked unconscious by the blast wave, but even in unconsciousness he could feel his DNA change, if he were conscious, he would scream in pain. His Face was covered in deep, ridged wide screen lacerations,  his chest was riddled with large, deep gashes, there was about three medium sized shards of shrapnel in his abdomen, his legs were pinned under the debris from both buildings that were partially destroyed around him and the wreckage of the limo, then he woke up, it was a pain to move his head and body, but he could move his arms and paws, he reached up to feel his face, he closed his eyes and felt there, he could feel the cut on his right eyelid, he knew it was deep because it hurt to close his eyes, he felt his muzzle, the cut just barely missed his snout, it went in between his eyes, it was connected to the Deep cut on his eye, there was also a deep cut on his left cheek, it went down to his neck, and up by his ear.
"Dang it..." He muttered under his breath. Then he Remembered Laurel.
"LAUREL!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. He called out her name for thirty minutes without ceasing.

Where Laurel is...

She woke up and checked herself for any serious injuries, there were non, there were a few cuts on her body, nothing too serious and nothing broken. Then she looked around for Bryant, he was nowhere in sight.
She got up and said;
"Gotta find Bryant..." In a worried voice.
Then she started to walk then she dashed off in that direction with great speed then she suddenly stopped, leaving a faint yet noticeable trail of blue light.
"What the heck..."
Then she stepped again, this time to the left, she dashed off again, all the same, in the direction she stepped in.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no." She said with panic Then she took another step to the right and sped away again.
"What the heck... What's happening to me!?" Then she ran right through a fire spew.
"Ow!... Ok, Laurel, concentrate, Bryant is probably hurt and needs my help..."
Then she heard his voice, he was screaming her name, he sounded like her was in pain;
"Alright, now I just gotta find him..." She said. She then sped off using her new powers, now fully in control of her abilities, she followed the sound of his voice, after about thirty minutes of searching she found him, his body was covered in lash marks, his face was dripping with blood.
She ran to him, got on her knees and said;
"Bryant, Bryant I'm right here, look at me, please, look at me..." With worry, shedding tears.
He opened his eyes and saw his gorgeous girlfriend on her knees looking at him.
"Hi there, b-*cough*beautiful." He said.
She saw his wounds and covered her mouth and gasped.
Her expression was only filled with more dread when she looked at his legs, It was a miracle he was even still alive.
She took his paw in one of her own, and cupped his cheek in the other;
"I'm not going to leave you here to die, I'm gonna stay, and I'm going to save you, or die trying." She said with love in her voice, then she attempted to lift the debris off of his leg, but to no avail, then she got an Idea, she took about four to six steps back and concentrated she dashed in circles and then she stopped in front of the Debris and sent a powerful wave of energy, repulsing most of the debris off of him, save for a few very large pieces of concrete and steel. Then she tried lifting it off of him but, again failed.
Then Celia arrived with Jake close behind her.
"Oh God, Guys I found them..." She said, trying not to cry as she rushed over to them with a racing heart. Non of them were wearing their masks, Celia took out her medic kit.
"Who are you?" Laurel asked.
"I'm his sister." Celia answered before lifting the debris off of Bryant with her mind. Then Nick and Judy arrived.
Celia pulled the shrapnel from Bryant's Abdomen.
"Laurel, hold his paw, this is going to hurt..." Laurel did as Celia said, she pulled the shards out quickly, when she did this Bryant gripped Laurel's paw very tightly as he screamed in pain, she wrapped gauze around his abdomen.
Then she noticed the Lacerations on his chest and said;
"Laurel, prop him up, I need to wrap some gauze around his chest wounds."
"Sure." She said as she did as she was Instructed, then Celia wrapped gauze around those wounds as well. Then she looked down and her eyes were filled with even more dread, as there was a medium sized metal bar in Bryant's right shin, not all the way through his leg but too deep for any person without super strength to pull out, then Nick said abruptly;
"Celia, have some gauze ready, I'm gonna pull this out of his leg." Then Judy rolled up bryant's pant sleeve then Nick steeled up and placed both hands on the bar.
"Ready, Now!" Celia signaled.
Nick forcefully yanked the bar out of his son's leg.
Bryant screamed in agony when this happened, then Celia wrapped the rest of the gauze around his entire shin.
"We need to get him to the hospital, NOW!" Celia spoke with angst.
"I'll Take him..." Laurel spoke loudly
"No, you're not that fast." Judy spoke abruptly.
Then Laurel created a sphere of light in her paw, and then made it dissipate...
"Yes, I am."
"Mom, I trust her... With my life." Bryant spoke faintly. It pained him to even speak.
Judy just nodded, as did Nick, Celia, and Jake.
Laurel picked Bryant up and held him in both arms, he wrapped his arms around her neck, then she light dashed off to the hospital, she sped through the city, leaving a trail of light behind her. Then they arrived at the hospital in no more than three minutes. They sat down inside the hospital Bryant him her arms;
"You still look beautiful, my love."Bryant whispered lovingly into her ear.
"And I still love you..." She whispered back.
"Bryant!?" A voice said abruptly, full of worry. Laurel looked up and saw William MacGrath running towards them, he was Bryant and Laurel's best friend from school.
"William, what are you doing here?" Laurel asked curiously.
"I'm here with my mom, she works here, I had to come along, What happened to him?"
"Long story, and I don't really feel like explaining it, his well being is my primary concern right now."
She said as she kissed him gently on the lips.
"Uhh... Well, I'll keep you two company."
then Celia showed up with Chase three minutes later, he flew her there.
Celia had Laurel put Bryant on a stretcher and she wheeled him into the Operating room and had her, Chase, and William wait in the lobby, over the next thirty minutes Robin, Marian, Nick, Judy, Hayden, and Sarah showed up and gave emotional support to Laurel, who cried on Judy's shoulder the entirety of the hours they waited.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the hospital...
Jason was sitting down, waiting, Chase, Brent, and Talia were there with him, he was breathing heavily, his body had been severely strained by all the teleporting he did earlier but he got Victoria there safely, and that was all that mattered.
He was Nervous, he had Chase hold his bow, so that he wouldn't scare his Daughter when she was born. He was biting his nails, something he hadn't done since Sara was in Labor, he got up to pace and that he did, he was growing impatient, and ill tempered, he ended up punching a hole in a wall out of pure frustration.
"Punching holes in walls and pacing won't do you any good, sit down."
Brent advised his friend.
And he begrudgingly did as he was advised.
"I just wanna know, if she's alright..." He spoke with worry in his voice. His paws were shaking.
"She's going to be fine, she's one of the only mammals to beat me and your mom in single combat, she's strong, she'll be fine." Brent said. They had been waiting two hours. Then Doctor Amelia Queen walked out of the room where Victoria was, she looked Tired yet relieved.
"Which one of you is Mr. Loxley?"
"That would be me." Jason said getting up and walking towards Amelia.
"Give it to me straight." He said
"There were a few complications..." She said
"And..." He spoke, a slight flutter in his tone.
"She and the baby pulled through."
"Thank God" he said waving his paws in the air.
"Would you like to see your new Daughter?" The antelope asked with kindness.
"Can my best friend and my son come in with me?"
"Yes of course they can." She said, kindly opening the door to let them in.
there Victoria was, holding their new born daughter in her arms.
"Hi sweety, come over here." Victoria said with a Smile. He walked over to his Darling wife and thought;
'Even after childbirth, her beauty still rivals the stars.'
She was holding their daughter in pink swaddling cloth, he looked down at his adorable daughter, she had white silver looking fur, just like her mother,
She offered her to Jason and he gladly took the little bundle of joy into his arms and stared into her amethyst eyes.
"So beautiful..." He spoke gently,
"You can name her." He spoke to Victoria.
"Hmmmmm, Sara."
Jason began to cry tears of joy then he said;
"The fact that you would name her after my son's daughter, the person who saved me. Thank you. Her middle name is May. After your mother."
Then Sara purred and cuddled up to her father's chest.
"I think Brent should be the Godfather." Jason said, signaling Brent to come closer.
"I would be honored to be her godfather." Brent said looking at the adorable little fox kit in his best friend's arms.
"Sara this is your Godfather, Brent."
"Can I take her out of the room?" He asked the doctor.
"Only if it's okay with the mother." Dr. Queen said.
Victoria nodded in the positive.
Then he walked out of the room and sat down with Sara in his arms,
"This is your big brother Chase and his wife Talia." He said holding the sweet little fox kit in his arms, kissing her gently on the forehead.

meanwhile the other side of the hospital...

Laurel was sitting down with her long coat resting on the back of the chair, she was sitting down, leaning forward with her paws covering her muzzle, eyes filled with dread and worry, she hated not being able to do anything, she was in grief, the mammal she loved was being operated on and she couldn't be there at his side, sitting next to her was her mom and to her left was Judy, she was crying her heart out, as was Laurel, Judy was holding Laurel's paw, Laurel's fur was all dirty and covered in ash and dirt, She thought things couldn't get any worse, then they had to turn on the TV, the city was in complete discord, utter chaos. The city was set ablaze with crimson flame, thousands dead, millions injured and sick with radiation poisoning, the streets near the blast site were completely decimated, five, six square blocks, smashed into rubble, the citizens going insane, psychos on the loose, criminals escaped from prison, the flames were settling down, then the president had this to say;
"The city of Zootopia is in shambles, it's tearing itself apart, people turning on each other, and the radiation is getting worse. That is why effective immediately, I am placing Zootopia under Quarantine. That is all for today." The coast guard already had been setting up a city wide blockade, zootopia and all of her inhabitants are now trapped under quarantine. No escape. Then Nick shut off the TV.
He was very ticked off at the President.
Then Celia walked in and said;
"There were a few setbacks, but, he pulled through, you can go see him now, he'll probably be awake in about three hours, best case scenario. Only three visitors until he wakes up."
Nick, Judy, and Laurel got up from their seats.
"He's in room D6. Just walk forward then take a right and there he'll be."
They did as instructed and walked through the crowded hallway. Then they got to his room, they all sat down and looked at him.
His face was stitched up and wrapped in Bandages, same goes for his chest, abdomen, and leg. For Nick and Judy, it was hard to look at as they hugged each other tightly. Laurel was different, even though he was fatally wounded, he was still Handsome to look at.

They had been waiting for three hours, Nick and Judy left to tend to the police force, Hayden and Sarah left to go find Nikolai, Celia stayed to tend to the patients, Jake left to go help people with Brent, William left to go find Sandra. Laurel was the only person who stayed with him the entire time, Bryant was in a bed that was made for Mammals Much larger and older than him, Laurel closed the door so that no one would disturb them. She hopped up on the bed with him, there was plenty of room for her on the bed, she laid down next to him and held him by the paw, she was holding him close, being very gentle, she was about to get up off the  bed when she felt him squeeze her paw tightly, then she looked at his eyes and saw them open then he spoke.
"Hey there beautiful, why are you crying?"
"Because, I'm Happy that your awake, I love you." She said, voice full of joy.
"You lost a lot of blood but, your mom gladly donated." She said pointing to the bags of blood.
"OK." He said looking into her beautiful blue eyes.
"Hold on, I'll go get your sister." She said, leaving the room.
Three minutes later Laurel was back with Celia.
"Bryant, you're awake! I can take off your face and body bandages if you want. they will take some time to heal completely."
"I would like that very much, I kinda wanna see if I got a cool scar."
"We'll see soon enough." Sixteen minutes later they removed the bandages and were shocked to see that the cuts were healed into scars.
"Impossible..." Celia muttered under her breath. The scars shouldn't have healed until the next morning.
Then Celia looked at His leg with her X-ray vision, the muscles were fully healed, and the broken bones in his leg were fully Healed as well.
"That is not possible."
Celia said walking out the door and closed the door behind her. The pain he was feeling earlier had vanished. In fact, his vitals were better than normal, his heart beat was stronger than normal, his body was functioning beyond maximum efficiency. Then Laurel got into the bed and laid down next to him, he was in a hospital gown, she cupped the back of head and gently kissed him on the lips;
"I missed you, so much." She said pulling back, gazing into his emerald green eyes, lying next to him,
"I can't stand not being with you, I love you Bryant Wilde, I love you with my whole heart."
"My heart is yours Laurel Grant." he said cupping her cheek softly in his right paw, guiding her in for a kiss.
"Bryant..." She said kissing him
"Yea..." He said, his voice muffled by the kiss.
"What are we gonna do about..." Laurel started
"My new powers..." She finished, savoring the kiss.
"It's okay, I'll teach you..."
"to master it. Like..."
"Celia did for me..." He finished, enjoying every single second of the kiss.
"Thank you..." She said, placing her paw on his chest, feeling the scars there. She shed a single tear, he felt it hit his cheek, he rubbed her weak spot, soothing her, earning a purr from his girlfriend, she pulled back and rubbed her cheek across his shoulder.

Other side of the hospital...

Jason had been sitting down in the waiting area for three hours, still holding his little bundle of joy in his arms, he got up out of his chair and walked back into Victoria's room, he sat down right next to her, Chase was sitting down on the other side of him, he handed Sara to Chase, Victoria was still awake, he leaned closer to his Darling wife and kissed her on the lips, she held him close to her, savoring every moment of love.
"I love you, more than you know." He said
"I love you too, handsome." she replied
They hugged for about thirty minutes, then they gently retreated from each other. He picked up Sara Jr. and said;
"We did good didn't we?" He asked sarcastically.
"Yeah, yeah we did good." She answered lovingly.
Then he walked out of the room, Chase behind him, then they weaved their way through dozens of mammals seeking medical aid. Little more than halfway Through...


A gun fired off, originating from Victoria's room, He raced back to her room Chase now holding Sara in his arms, Both of their eyes filled with dread and fear.
When he got to her room, he found her still alive, but her pulse rate was slowing, he raced to her side, having Talia look for whoever shot Victoria,
Chase covered Sara's eyes and held her close, preparing for the worst.
Jason got on his knees, holding Victoria in his arms.
"Victoria..." He said beginning to cry heavily.
"Jason... Take care... of our daughter"
"I will, I promise you, I... Will..." He said crying harder.
"Jason... I-I... Love... You." She said, fear, Love, and sadness in her voice.
"I love you too..." He said taking their last act together as a kiss.
She kissed him gently, it a was loving, faint, chaste kiss. Then he pulled back and closed her eyes as she faded away.
"I will make the mammal who did this... SUFFER..." He said his expression now filled with Hate and Rage, grief evident in his voice.
Outcast by Colossus

Sick and tired, I'm at the end of my rope. Every word we say is held under a microscope.
If freedom and equality is what you believe, practice what you preach.

Why are we the outcast?

Pick apart our lives and what we believe, I guess I'm just "bigot" with my heart on my sleeve.
I’m expected to accept your american dream.

Perpetuate all this hate, you say that I'm wrong and I don't belong, made an outcast because of my faith.
You expect respect with your hands around my neck. Everyday this noose gets tighter and tighter.

Dragging these chains until they break, no one's free unless we change.
We drag the same chains we feel the same pain.
Made an outcast because of my faith, I'm sick of living in a world of hate.
We drag the same chains we feel the same pain.

If were all equal why is God the problem, not the people?
Maybe we’re both to blame, we all suffer the same.

And we're sinking deeper and deeper.

Dragging these chains until they break, no one's free unless we change.
We drag the same chains we feel the same pain.
Made an outcast because of my faith, I'm sick of living in a world of hate.
We drag the same chains we feel the same pain.

Just grow up, we don't share the same beliefs but we deserve the same love.
I'm sick and tired of all this pain we drag these chains until they break.
So let's dig a grave and put hate back into its place.
Dragging these chains until they break, I'm sick and tired of all this hate.

If freedom and equality is what you believe practice what you preach.

Why are we the outcast?

I won't be an outcast.
"Can you tell me why,
truth comes like a knife,
and it feels like I'm bleeding these lies!
What have I become,
Satan's deed is done,
Can you stop me from bleeding,
bleeding Alive!-"

Guess the song. ;)
Versus Post,

Iron man VS The A.T.O.M.

you know the rules. ;)
"I'm not evil to the core
What I shouldn't do I will fight,
I know I'm emotional,
When I wanna save I will try,
I know who I truly am
I truly do have a chance,
Tomorrow I'll switch the beat,
To avoid yesterday's dance-"

Guess the song.
I had the most delicious dream last night, I was sitting in my room at my desk and my biggest crush walked in and without speaking she just kissed me, placed her hands on the back of my head and just kissed me, Oh how I wish she would do that in the real world.
Laurel pulled back from the deep kiss and said in a very loving voice;
"I've had a crush on you since we were kits, it was the way you always took your time to make sure I was alright, the way you held me, the softness of your fur. I fell in love with you."
"I hated seeing you so depressed. I'll make sure you never feel like that ever again." He said as he pulled her in for another kiss, he moved his paw to her weak spot right beneath her right ear, pressing his lips against hers, she purred as they took in every last bit of love from each other, devouring each other, she pressed her body flush against his, pinning him to a wall, she popped her claws and scratched at the back of his head and he did the same with his, pressing in hard enough for each other to know their presence but not enough to pierce flesh, he gave a slight moan as  she opened her mouth and he licked her lips and pushed his tounge into her mouth and she did the same, she purred as the took in every last bit of each other.
The way their lips, and their bodies pressed into each other, it felt enticing, intoxicating, incredible.
They released from the deep kiss, their bodies still pressed against each other, gasping for air.
"That. Was. Amazing..." She said finally  catching her breath.
They could feel each other's heartbeat, Their hearts were racing, the beats' in perfect sync with each other.
"I know, wanna do it again tomorrow afternoon?" He asked while gazing into her eyes with compassion.
"Bryant Klaus Wilde, are you asking me out on a date?" She asked as he could feel her heartbeat pick up pace.
"Yes, yes I am."
"Of course I'll go out with you!" She said
"Any time you want, I'll do it." He said
"From midday tomorrow to Ten in the evening." She said, clearly wanting to spend some private time with her boyfriend.
"Whatever you want my beautiful Laurel, my love." He said in a very sweet tone.
She set him down, he was only slightly shorter than her.
She opened the closet door and checked the hall, it was empty, she walked out with Bryant close behind, he walked up to her side and wrapped his left arm around her waist, and she wrapped her tail around his waist as a sign of affection. She turned to face him, tail still wrapped around him, she pinned him to the wall, and she kissed him gently, she pulled back and found him marking her tail, she knelt down and rubbed her cheek into his chest.
They stopped marking each other before they took it too far.
Then they walked out and their parents were outside their cars looking at them.
"No time like the present." He said turning to face her, he placed his right paw on the back of her head and pressed his against hers, kissing her as he wrapped his left arm around her waist pulling her in and pressing his body flush against hers she wrapped her tail around his waist and her arms around his neck, she moved her left paw up to the back of his head right in between his ears, his weak spot and gently rubbed there. They pulled from the sweet kiss, and she said;
"I want you..."
Then he said;
"I want you too..."
As they gazed into each other's eyes, passionate emeralds met loving sapphires, the warmth of his gaze, of their bodies, it was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt, she had never felt so in love in all her life.
All the while Nick had a small smirk on his muzzle, and Judy was just gushing with joy she smiled and cried tears of joy as she thought;
'My little boy's all grown up.'
And Nick was secretly proud of his son.
'He'll do right by her, I didn't raise a reckless boy.'
And Laurel's parents; Hayden and Sarah Grant were both calm and happy for their daughter.
They released each other from their arms, and Laurel said sweetly to her Bryant;
"Bye handsome, see you tomorrow."
"Till tomorrow gorgeous." He replied lovingly to his beautiful girlfriend.
They were almost home when Judy asked eagerly;
"How long have you been dating Laurel!?"
"It just started today, about and hour ago." He replied.
then they arrived at home. When everyone was out of the car Judy hugged her son and said;
"I've seen the way you look at her, it reminds me of me and your father when we fell in love."
Then Nick Said;
"I'm so proud of you son." As he joined the hug, crying tears of joy of his own.
"Thanks Dad, me and Laurel are going are going on a date tomorrow, we'll be leaving at midday, and we'll be back by eleven, that okay with you guys?"
"Just as long as you two stay safe." Nick replied.
"We will." Bryant replied
Then they went inside the house and all went to their rooms.
The conversation with Laurel's parents was similar, only there was resistance from her brother; Nikolai.

next morn, Celia and Jake's apartment...

Yesterday they had just finished up redecorating the apartment with the stuff Celia bought for him, they were both asleep, she was cuddled up to Jake, her face comfortably nuzzled into his chest, she was mostly asleep she took in his scent, musky, she took it in deeply as it filled her snout, then she pressed her ear to his chest, his heart was racing, his grip on her tightening, she opened her eyes and found him breathing violently, she could tell something was wrong because he began to whine, and his eyes were filled with tears, his arms were shaking, she could feel his sadness. She moved up and she nudged him on the chin, the cream white fur under her eyes getting ruffled up, then she kissed him on the forehead, nuzzling her chin into his snout, he smelt her scent and that caused his other senses to stir, he violently sprung from his position, Vampire claws fully extended. Arms bent forward slightly, ready to strike at any threat to their lives. Then he retracted his claws and began to cry, his body still shaking.
"It's Ok, hey I'm here, we're safe."
"Thank God, it was only a nightmare." He spoke his mind, still crying.
"What happened?"
"Doesn't matter, just a stupid nightmare." He replied.
"Come on, tell me, we're mates, that means we need work things out together."
"Fine, remember when, I killed my family..." he shuddered when the words kill and family were used in the same sentence.
"Well it was that, only it wasn't only my family, but also you, but you weren't savage, you were just trying to stop me, in a blind rage I killed you. When I found consciousness, I saw your lifeless body, riddled with claw marks, my claws and my paws soaked in your blood, kneeling down, I wept, and I screamed, the Love of my life, you, dead because of my blind rage. Please, forgive... me..."
"I already have, and It's not your fault, I still love you." She said, cupping his cheek in her paw, wiping away the tears, she knew just how to sooth him, she hugged him gently, lovingly kissed him on the cheek, rubbed her chin on his cheek and moved over to his shoulder and down his chest, then he wrapped his arms around her toned body, specifically her waist. Her red and cream white fur clashing with his pitch black and deep gray fur, she pressed her body flush against his and kissed him lovingly, she gently pulled back and  said kindly;
"All better?" As she lovingly smiled.
"Thanks to you doctor Wilde."
"What would you think of it being doctor Wilson?" She giggled.
"I'd love that." He said pulling her in for another kiss, this one deeper than the last, he pressed his lips against hers, she wrapped her arms around his neck, he teasingly licked her lips and she purred as she allowed him to enter, their tounges licking each other, on instinct she drew all of her claws, she gently scratched his back, he allowed a low growl of pleasure to form in his chest, they wrapped their tails around each other, his long pitch black tail wrapped around her finely toned abdomen, and her long red tail with a dark tip around his masculine body. They pulled back and she gently bit him on the neck and gently pressed her fangs into it, then she moved her head up and down his neck with her fangs still pressed into his neck, she did this six to seven times, then she pulled away and rubbed her chin on the damp parts of his neck, while she did this he rubbed his scent into her tail by petting it with a spread open paw. She stopped rubbing his neck, and then she rubbed her chin into his chest, then they got much more wild. They finished when it was thirty minutes till midday.

MCB headquarters...

Jason was at the firing range, holding his bow in one hand, wearing his agent suit, quiver strapped to his back all of them lethal; explosive arrows, incendiary arrows, poison arrows, corrosive arrows, mustard gas arrows, and extra sharp serrated arrows.
He drew three arrows from his quiver, poison, serrated, and Incendiary.
He held the bow sideways pulled back on the string with the arrows in it, took a deep breath and fired on the exhale all three arrows hit their targets dead center.
"I still got it." he said lowering his bow.
"Indeed you do..." A familiar voice said from the stairway. It was Victoria, she had a baby bump.
"Hi hon, what brings you here?" He asked placing his bow on the counter in front of him.
"I have news, good news and bad news, which do you wanna hear first?" She said placing his paw in hers.
"Mm... Good news." He said
"The baby's gonna be a girl, and I'm due in three to four days. Doctor told me over the phone while I was on my way here."
"That's great news!"
"The bad news is that Jack is back, were going to have a lot of explaining to do to the others, especially Talia, he's gotten faster, much faster, this city is going to need you more than ever, it's about to face the one thing it can't handle. It's time to put on the hood again."
"No, I'll never wear that hood again."
"More bad news though, I might not survive giving birth..." She said, shedding a single tear.
He placed his paw on top of hers and spoke softly;
"We'll both get through this, you are the strongest person I know." He said giving her a gentle kiss on the lips.
Then she picked up a revolver and fired off all six shots, all of them hitting the exact center of the center target.
"I still got it too."
"Obviously..." He said Picking up a throwing knife off the counter and throwing it at the target, hitting it dead center, slicing the arrow still in the target in half.
"Show off." She said pulling him in for another kiss, this one lasting thirty minutes.

The Wilde household...

Laurel arrived at the Wilde household and knocked on the door.
She was wearing a cream white tank top with a red heart with an arrow through it, a snow white denim long coat, a gray and white checkered skirt that went down to her knees with her purse strap going down from her left shoulder to her right hip with the purse at the bottom. Nick answered the door in his casual attire.
"Laurel, please come in." Nick requested.
She did as he requested and walked in.
"How long have you had a crush on my baby boy!?" Judy asked with excitement.
"What, how did you..."
"It was the way you held him, it was like you had desired to be with him to so long and you were finally able to hold him the way you had desired to. I know because I was the same way when I first kissed Nick."
"Awe... Well it was when we were both ten years old, I was bullied a lot, he always stood his ground when I was bullied, he protected me, specifically it was when he hugged me for thirty minutes straight, I fell in love with him right there and then, and he took a beating for me prior to the comforting hug. he protected me when everyone else wanted to hurt me, he was there to comfort me when no one else was. And the fact he would put himself in harm's way just to keep me safe, it only deepened my love for him."
"Awwwwe... So romantic." Judy gushed.
"That explains why he always came home from school covered in bruises and a cuts... He was protecting you." Nick stated.

Meanwhile, in Bryant's room...

Bryant was searching through his closet looking for the clothes he wanted to wear on their date.
After a minute of sorting, he found the right set of clothes, he then put on the desired clothing, he first put on a dark blood red short sleeve button up shirt leaving the top three buttons undone, then he put on a pairs of black damaged jeans, he then put on a unzipped black hoodie with red stripes on around sleeves right up near the shoulder,
Then he Put on a velvet red beanie, then  he chained his wallet to his belt and put it in his back pocket, then he put on black leather biker gloves, he put on his watch, then he put on his dog tags that he got when he completed his year in the best and only military school in the city, there he was taught how to wield a gun, he got special forces combat training, his parents paid extra for the marksman and combat training courses, he was valedictorian of his class. And he got extra training from his mom and nanna. then he looked in the mirror and told himself;
"You are a devilishly charming and totally badass guy with everything he could ever want." He tried psyching himself up.

He walked out of his room and they all turned to see him. Then Laurel said;
"*whistles in excitement* Someone is looking very handsome this evening!" While getting up and off the sofa and walking towards him.
"I could say the same for you gorgeous."
He said walking the rest of the way to her.
"Oh, I got something for you, I made it myself." She said handing him a gray box. She giggled as he opened the box.
When he opened it. In it there was a bracelet made of woven together fabrics, and sewn into it were the words;
'You are my one true love...' In fluent cursive writing.
He tied it to his left wrist and then took her by both paws and told her;
"And you are mine." Then he wrapped one of his arms around her waist and moved the other up to her neck and pulled her close, pressing his body flush against hers and then he guided her in for a kiss, pressing his lips against hers, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her tail around his waist, not wanting him to leave her arms not wanting him to let go. She kissed him so passionately and was about to deepen it when he pulled back, not wanting to take it that far in front of his parents.
"We have an audience." He said gazing into her alluring sapphire blue eyes.
"Oh... We'll finish this later then, when we're alone." She said gazing back into his comforting deep emerald green eyes.
All the while his parents were smiling, his mom was even more excited than before, suppressing many giggles. Nick had a proud smile on his muzzle and was thinking to himself;
'Make us proud son...'
They pull back and she they moved to their sides, she kept her tail around his waist and his arm around hers.
"Stay safe..." Nick said
"Don't worry, we will protect each other."
Then they walked out the door.


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